Three tips to help retain your team

Tip #1: Team Incentives

It is tough times for everyone and sometimes an incentive can help retain your team by encouraging people to take that next step. If your business is stuck for staff, a refer a friend initiative can help current employees recommend people who they think would be a good fit. They know your company well, so they will know who is suited to the culture of the company and the skills needed for the job. Ultimately, it is the employer’s decision on who is hired, so it is important that there are clear guidelines and expectations for employees in the referral process. If the incentive is well-communicated it is a great way for employees to get buy-in. At Agstaff, we have a refer a friend programme and gifted successful employees a $50 Prezzy card, team members really got on board with the scheme.

Donna presenting Lea with a Prezzy card

Tip #2: Help retain your team through team bonding events

Whether it is team bonding or team building, getting the team together for an activity helps create collaboration, trust and motivation – research shows it also improves productivity in the long term and people tend to fall into their natural roles while having fun. Team building events are an investment in skills, performance and team dynamics. They may be company-wide and organised, while team bonding helps build the company culture and cohesion. Team bonding should be more fluid and all-inclusive, not competency-based nor a non-negotiable forced event

Tip #3: Become community-spirited

Get behind your community. Not only does it serve the local community well, research shows that volunteering helps to improve mental health.  If the company gets behind a local sports club or charity and provides an opportunity for team members to get involved, it’s good news for all. The community benefits from your help and support and people who start to volunteer ‘become happier over time’. It also puts your organisation positive light. Agstaff are proud supporters of Mid Canterbury Rugby while our partners Canstaff support and volunteer with Canterbury Tri Rugby. Sport resonates well with our company culture; it is a good idea to find something that echoes yours.

Mid Canterbury Rugby Match
Mid Canterbury Rugby

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employee receiving prezzy card