Agstaff – Spring Update

Spring has been busy to date with an eye firmly on summer now as we’re again looking for people for field work. We are always able to plan for our client’s labour needs by interpreting the season’s weather which has been an interesting prospect as November began with a cold snap from the South including rain which then quickly turned to mid-summer temperatures including recordings of 31 degrees in some parts of Canterbury. Before that and nearing the end of October we began planning for our new recruits who will join us for the summer when snow was recorded in North Canterbury and frost was on windscreens in Christchurch City. Now that we seem to be in the clear we’re working with our clients to prepare the land for the season ahead which will be the traditional spraying and rouging, along with working to take out off types of seed from paddocks.

So far we’ve had a strong interest in the field work that’s available around Canterbury from some of our locals who join us each year and our backpacker friends who get to experience New Zealand farm life while travelling, but we still need more people and for those interested call Andrew McDonald on 021 502 484 to arrange an immediate start time for this season.

From November through until January we’ll be busy with all types of field work and often work with a lot of seed companies some of which get sent seed from overseas to be sowed locally. Throughout this period in this area we work a lot with wheat, barley, canola, radish, and cabbage which we’re prepping for now.

Hopefully the upcoming weather will allow for traditional growing conditions for our clients who we look forward to matching up with some of our keen candidates who are ready to hit the ground running for the summer.