Business Confidence Good For Jobs

Agstaff read with interest The Ministry of Primary Industries ‘Situation and outlook for primary industries’ (SOPI) report for December 2019 which identifies continued growth of the primary sector, highlighting growth in horticulture. This headline alone indicates the potential for jobs.

Horticulture export revenue is forecast to rise 5.9 percent (excluding wine) for the year ending June 2020 driven mainly by increases in kiwifruit, apple and pear exports.

‘This continues horticulture’s export growth over the last decade’ says HortNZ Chief Executive, Mike Chapman.

‘New Zealand growers produce a high quality, fresh, premium product that consumers want to purchase. This is the key to the continued growth of the industry.

‘For horticulture to continue to prosper like this, it is vital that government policy supports our continued growth. For example, that the proposed freshwater reforms supporting new fruit growing because of its positive impact on freshwater quality and enabling vegetable growers to rotate their crops,’ says Mike.

In addition, HortNZ says the recently launched Primary Sector Council’s vision to align the food and fibre sector will also enable continued growth. 

This vision is based on the concept of taiao – the ecosystem of land, water, air and life – which has been chosen to underpin the holistic nature of the food and fibre sector’s transformation.

‘Taiao embodies how horticulture in New Zealand operates. It speaks to the interconnected relationships of the whole environment and its people. If we can nurture the environment, land and people, our industry will continue to prosper’ says Mike.

Source – Horticulture New Zealand

About Horticulture New Zealand
Horticulture New Zealand is an industry good organisation that represents the interests of approximately 5000 growers. The horticulture industry employs more than 60,000 people and exports to 128 markets. In 2018, the industry was valued at $5.87 billion.