March/April Updates!

In recent months Canstaff has increased its global reach with a new London office and throughout the start of the year have rolled out a new way of promoting all potential opportunities for candidates across all our offices and territories with the Canstaff Job Passport.

The Job Passport is largely for NZ based candidates who are eligible to be placed in an overseas market and to date qualified Tradies have been taking full advantage of this offering with the construction boom in London via the new office there. The offer of free flights to London for qualified Tradies has been running throughout March and stay tuned for a local Canterbury promotion with The Rock starting in April which again puts the call out for eligible Tradies to begin working on a guaranteed employment offer. 


On the ground Agstaff has almost completed all roguing in the region and is underway with the potato harvest. This year is looking solid after good growing conditions for the bulk of summer and without a prominence of Norwest winds the harvest hasn’t been disrupted or spoiled with overly dusty conditions. The call is still out for staff for the potato harvest and this will continue to be the focus right through until the start of Winter, with some crossover anticipated with the Lily bulbs season. 

Carrot seed is also a backbone product in Mid Canterbury that requires a combination of consistent weather, irrigation and staffing due to the regular demand from overseas markets with Mid Canterbury producing 40 per cent of the worlds hybrid carrot seed, which is great news for staff in the agriculture industry as there is a proven income stability.